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Low-VOC (in Dulux, Wattlyl and Haymes Ultra Premium) Paints

Low-VOC paints have set a standard for Melbourne house painting and are ideal for commercial applications, offering excellent scrub-ability. These reduce smog and have been proven effective to protect your indoor air-quality. Maximum results are usually seen for those suffering from chemical sensitivities.

  • Quick Drying
  • Low Odour
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Increased UV Resistance

Resene a New Zealand based company makes a large range of GECA certified low and zero-VOC paints like Zylone SpaceCote and was the first major manufacturer to introduce a product stewardship program. Premium paint from one of the most innovative paint companies in the world. This is Australia’s best known manufacturer of natural paints. A complete natural paint range that includes stains, oils, wall-paints and enamels. Natural house paints are easy to use and can be tinted to most popular colours.

Natural Paints by Livos Australia

Natural Paints do not require a high level of processing. Natural paints make use of renewable energy sources and are good in reducing toxic waste. They are apt for asthma sufferers.

  • They do not form a water-proof barrier and are therefore not as stain-resistant as acrylic paints
  • These allow the substrate to ‘breathe’ are anti-static (avoiding dust), discourage mould growth, and improve air quality
  • Natural paints do not crack, peel or blister. They offer outstanding durability for exterior masonry surfaces
Rockcote Claycote

This is Australia’s first clay-based paint/render range. Can be coloured using natural oxides, and completely zero-VOC. Ideal for use with the Rockcote Clay Plaster range

Heat-Reflective Paints (Astec Paints)

This is an Australian manufacturer of cool coatings technology, GECA certified, BCA compliant, and the only paint company to have achieved Code Mark certification and compliance to Section J (Energy Efficiency) of the Building Codes of Australia. Astec Energy Star comes with a 15 year warranty.

Solar or Heat-Reflective house Paints drastically improve a building’s insulation properties, thereby leading to reduced utility costs and wastage. These paints work great when used with light colours as light colours can reflect up to 50% of solar radiation. Ideal for roofs and exterior masonry applications.

  • Improve building energy efficiency
  • Cut-out carbon emissions
  • Cuts up to 40% off a building’s cooling costs
  • Reduces up to 25% reduction in energy usage
  • Forms a heat-reflective coating to mitigate the urban heat island effect
  • Bridges some external cracking and masonry brick walls as a flexible membrane

From America the worlds first high performance paint with greenwise certification. Broad range of internal and external paints as well as acrylic primers and undercoats.


This is a single pack water-based house painting primer designed for application onto non-rusted surfaces, like new or clean steelwork, new or weathered aluminium, new or weathered galvanised steel, plastic, timber, to form a non-toxic film. The METALFIX 1000 does have a slight rust converting action, and can be used over lightly rusted steel work (such as new steel bearing a rust bloom) where it cures into a tough abrasion-resistant skin which is impervious to further rusting. The coating will operate from minus 40 degrees Centigrade to up to 1000 degrees Centigrade, and, if required, may be over coated with any other top coat, whether oil or water based.

  • Goes over wide range of surfaces
  • Easy to spray or brush
  • Gives stable surface plus tough paint skin
  • Can take any top coat, if required
  • Quick over-coating times
  • Gives off no fumes
  • Water wash up (solvent-free)
  • Etch-primer for Zinc and Aluminium
  • Non-toxic in the dry state
  • Fire-retardant properties
  • Single pack (no wasted mixes)
Systexx Australia

The latest technology from Germany is now available from Systexx Australia. SYSTEXX by Vitrulan is primarily made of the natural material quartz sand, which is melted into glass and then spun into yarn. This wall covering will not deteriorate for at least 30 years, can be painted over many times and, as a particularly sustainable solution, was one of the first to receive the environmental product declaration from the Institute of Construction and Environment.

  • Made from recycled paper and soy-based inks
  • Long lasting
  • Apt for use in busy areas
  • High wall-strengthening properties
  • Bridge existing cracks, prevent the formation of new cracks, and are fire-rated
  • Walls are also protected from damage through impact or abrasion
  • It is used to encapsulate asbestos on interior walls and ceilings, saving thousands of dollars
  • Increasing the life-span of buildings

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